Water Softening System


H2OMSPL Water Softening system removes hardness of water causing salts (Ca+ and MG+) from the water, thus making water soft. Hardness < 5 PPM as CaCO3 is achieved at the outlet of the system. NaCl is used to regenerate the Softener after exhaustion of OBR. Use of water softening system reduces the chances of scaling in further equipment. This system is extensively used in industrial, domestic and pharmaceutical applications. Water softening system is used as standalone but it is better to provide multi grade sand filter and activated carbon filter as pretreatment to avoid fouling of resin.

Specifications :

One Vertical Cylindrical vessel with Hemispherical Ends (Dish Ends), inclusive of:

H2O MSPL provides softeners in various sizes depending on feed water conditions and capacity

Salient Features :

Applications :


Some Of Our Standard Models :

Name Capacity (LPH)
WSU-0500F-M/A 500
WSU-1000-M/A 1000
WSU-2000-M/A 2000
WSU-3000-M/A 3000
WSU-5000-M/A 5000
WSU-7500-M/A 7500
WSU-10000-M/A 10000
Water Softening System, Water Softening System Service In Mumbai, India
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