Mixed Bed Unit


H2OMSPL Mixed Bed Unit removes dissolved salts from the water. TDS < 1 PPM is achieved at the outlet of the system. Mixed Bed Unit consists Anion and Cation exchange both in same unit, thus providing higher quality permeate at the outlet. HCl and NaOH are used to regenerate Mixed Bed Unit after exhaustion of OBR. Extensively used for Industrial and Pharmaceutical applications. Mixed Bed Unit requires RO or De Mineralization system as pretreatment.

Specifications :

One Vertical Cylindrical vessel with Hemispherical Ends (Dish Ends), inclusive of:

Salient Features :

Applications :


Some Of Our Standard Models :

Name Capacity (LPH)
MBU-0500F-M/A 500
MBU-1000-M/A 1000
MBU-2000-M/A 2000
MBU-3000-M/A 3000
MBU-5000-M/A 5000
MBU-7500-M/A 7500
MBU-10000-M/A 10000
Mixed Bed Unit, RO Or De Mineralization System In Mumbai, India
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