Reverse Osmosis System


Reverse Osmosis is a membrane based technology used to remove dissolved salts from water. The system utilizes, state of the art spirally wound reverse osmosis membranes. According to the size of pores, the membranes are classified as, Low Energy Membranes, Brackish Water Membranes and Sea Water Membranes. The same are used by H2OMSPL to achieve the Treated Water Quality as per the client’s needs. The Treated water from Reverse Osmosis Systems contains very low dissolved solids and which is also free from particulate, colloidal and organic matter. The systems can remove 90 to 98% Dissolved Solids.
Heat Subitizable RO membranes are mostly used in pharmaceutical industries, these membranes have higher area, which allows to design systems with either Low operating flux or cost saving from fewer membrane elements. The full fit configuration minimizes stagnant areas and is optimal for applications requiring a sanitary design. Also, heat subitizable membranes can withstand higher temperatures to provide sanitization on the Membrane using hot water @ 80 to 85 deg. C, which is an added advantage in pharmaceutical industry.
Depending on the water quality, RO Systems can work satisfactorily using only Micron cartridge filter as pretreatment but we suggest using Multi-Grade sand filter and Activated Carbon Filter or Ultrafiltration as a pretreatment to increase the life of the system and reduce maintenance costs.

Specifications :

Salient Features :

Applications :

Some Of Our Standard Models :

Name Capacity (LPH)
REO-0400F 400
REO-1000F 1000
REO-1500F 1500
REO-2000F 2000
REO-3000F 3000
REO-5000F 5000
REO-7500F 7500
REO-10000F 10000
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